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Online shopping is taking shape in Kenya. More and more people across various cities and towns now prefer to buy online and take advantage of door-step delivery. If you’re looking for a home appliance store, the internet is a good place to start.  More buying customers now forego the trip to a local home appliance store in preference for online stores.

http://kenabuy.co.ke is just one in a number of online shopping stores that focus exclusively on home appliances and other electronics. You can purchase electronics gadgets such as blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and a wide range of other home appliances. Online shopping for home appliances presents the advantage of hassle-free home delivery and often low prices on items.

A home appliance stores that operates online indeed offers a much-needed convenience for online shoppers. Considering how pricey and sometimes precarious home appliances can be, what do you need to know to make the best out of the convenience that comes with online purchases?

  • Have a list of specifications that you are looking for in a home appliance. This is especially important for major appliances; consider measuring the width, depth and height of the appliance compared to the space you have to offer at home. If you are looking for a replacement, scout for an appliance with similar features.
  • Have a Set budget. Deciding how much you want to spend, helps you narrow down your search for the right home appliance just for you.
  • Consider the shipping or delivery cost: Even though online prices on products are temptingly low, you may have to consider the additional charges that come with the delivery process of your ordered appliance. Most online shops charge a shipping or delivery fee on home appliances while others decide to factor it in the product price and offer a free delivery instead.
  • Scour the internet for all range of home appliances available online, their prices and shipping costs until you settle on the one that suits you best. The advantage of this is that you end up buying the most affordable appliances with the best features available.
  • Optionally, go to a physical store and check out the device before making an order for it online. Go for affordability online but rely on the advantage that comes with a physical store. Sometimes home appliances can be precarious, and the pictures on a seller’s website may not necessarily show you the flaws that come with an appliance. Assessing the merchandise in person helps you make an informed decision rather than taking an expensive leap of faith on an online image. If you choose to buy from an exclusively online home appliance store, be sure to give them a call to find more about the product.
  • Consider the manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty is your insurance just in case the appliance is faulty, or breaks down for no reason at all. It guarantees that you can have it fixed by the electricians provided by the manufacturer or better yet get another one.

Check the return policy on the home appliances before you make a purchase at the home appliance store either locally or online. Some sites feature low prices but once you buy a home appliance it’s not returnable. It is more beneficial to buy a lower priced home appliance with a return policy.

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