HOTPOINT Hmg-20dw Microwave Grill

HOTPOINT Hmg-20dw 20litre Grill Microwave


This 20 Ltr HOTPOINT Hmg-20dw Grill Microwave has a power output of 700 Watts and comes with an option of 8 Power Levels for variety cooking of all sorts of recipes. Its defrosting feature is a combination of Weight Defrost/Jet Defrost Power /Defrost Express. To offer you even more convenience, you don’t have to constantly keep setting up your microwave for making foods you’ve prepared before with CookingMemory/ CookingPre-Set Cooking functions, you have customized pre-set Read More


HOTPOINT Hmg-20dw Grill Microwave Specifications

  • 20 Liter Grill Microwave
  • 700 Watts
  • 8 Power Levels
  • Weight Defrost
  • Jet Defrost
  • Power Defrost
  • Express Cooking
  • Memory Cooking
  • Pre-Set Cooking
  • Combination Cooking
  • 99 Minutes Max cooking time
  • Clock and LED display
  • Child Lock Function
  • Extra Large Cavity
  • Durable Glass Door
  • End Signal Reminder
  • Dial type: Touch


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